Live @ Ipanema Solo Set, Jan 9th

Photo by PJ Sykes

If you’ve enjoyed this solo tour I’ve been on for the last couple months, then maybe you’d enjoy this little janky stanky right here. I played a show at Ipanema in Richmond, Virginia on January 9th, and its been made available online! yippeee skadooo. Anyways thanks to everyone whos been comin to shows and supportin me. Lylas

Also, thanks so much to Allen Berghendal of Viking Recordings for having me play and recordin it so nicely. The set is up online for free download- Click Here to get it! and thanks all my buddies for comin!!

Here’s the setlist for the show:

1. The Money
2. The One They Want
3. Big One Day
4. Ima Be Cool
5. S.S.
6. I Can’t Wait
7. Enrique
8. God Always Gives
9. I Been Walkin


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