New Sticker and Cool New Lineup

Well herro,

We here at Itchy Hearts Inc. Ltd. Llc. have always been big Wonder Years Fans, so we got this sticker made! Click on it to get one.

Itchy Years Sticker

We got plenty, so order all you want dudes. They’re 3 bucks, but that covers shipping and shit. Maybe I’ll make it less if no one buys one.

OH YEAH! and we’re playing this festival this weekend in Upstate New York. So John and I, being the only two remaining members of this sorry excuse for a band, as usual have to find other kids to play with. This time we hit the jackpot: we got a drummer, an electric guitar, a keyboard, and a bass. They learned the songs in two days, and these songs sound better than ever!! Enrique turned into a country song on crack. I’m gonna try and record the show and put it up here, wouldn’t that be tiiiiiiiiiiiight!?!!>!!>!?!?!?!

Anyways thanks for stoppin by

c u nxt tym



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