Summer Tour 2011 w/ New Lineup and New Album! Awopbopaloobop!!

Hey yall!

I’m hittin the road again this summer for 2 and a half weeks with a new album and a great new lineup! John Ptacek will still be on accordion, but we’ve got a very exciting backbone of fantastic jazz musicians now, featuring Caleb Brown on drums, Cameron Kapoor on electric guitar, and Darren Denman on organ and piano. No doubt the best Itchy shit to hit the fan. We are all very excited to go to hit the road. Check this out for a rough outline:

1st: Richmond Virginia, @ Sprout, 1 N Morris Street (FREE) w/ Charming Youngsters and Andy and the Kid and A.M. Astronaut

2nd- HOUSE SHOW in Greenville, North Carolina w/ our best friends Charming Youngsters

3rd- Va Beach somewhere

4th- Raleigh NC at Slim’s Downtown w/ Scarlett Virginia

5th- Atlanta, Ga

6th- Athens GA- @ Flicker w/ Grinnin Bear

7th- Knoxville TN

8th- Nashville TN @ Springwater w/ Reid Magette

9th- Louisville KY

10th- Lexington KY @ Cosmic Charlies- w/ Onward Pilgrim

11th- Pittsburgh, PA

12th- Morgantown, WV @ Gibstar w/ Merrimacs


14th- Philadelphia, PA

15th- Atlantic City, NJ @ The Boneyard

16th- Brooklyn, NY
And please, please do yourself a favor and watch this video. It made me feel so happy of myself:


One thought on “Summer Tour 2011 w/ New Lineup and New Album! Awopbopaloobop!!

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