so last night was a bit of a shitshow to say the least. we played at slims downtown in raleigh, north carolina. all of us minus one got drunk like a skunk.

theeeeen we decided we should sleep at the local wal mart. or i guess everyone at slims decided we should sleep at a wal mart parking lot. so we went there and drank some more and did some other stuff and ate lots of cheese and crackers. then i suppose we fell asleep at 3 then woke up at 7, and left for atlanta for a day off. turned out to not be much of a day off. 20 minutes into the ride darren was too sick to drive, and we were still too hungover/drunk to drive. after some rest at a gas station, we hit the road again and got a flat tire 20 minutes into the next leg of the drive. we sat on the side of the highway for almost 2 hours, played some tunes, got bitten by ants, filled our van with flies, and got back on the road after AAA saved us.

after an 11 hour trip, we arrive in atlanta. stinky is hyper and were tired. whats new.


next show: Athens, Georgia, July 6th at Flicker, with Mr. Falcon and Mitchel Thunderbolt


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