Show Announcements! 8/11, 8/13, 8/19

Hey yall,

we got some shows comin up. really siked to get back to playin live after such a long break after the tour.

8/11, we’re playin some party in connecticut, some private shindig


8/13, TWO SHOWS! our first one is 5:15 pm at The Boneyard in Atlantic City, NJ. Really excited about celebrating Bill Ridenour’s Birthday with him at his Birthday Bash. facebook event page here:

then, we’re back to Brooklyn to play a show with some old friends in Sugar Shack Burlesque, featuring PINKIE SPECIAL, RUNAROUND SUE, and FOXY VERMOUTH. Really really excited about this show. At the famous Jalopy Theater at 9pm. facebook page here:


8/19, playin a show at a show our new friends at Hoover Dam Collective are putting on. We go on at 11pm. This one’s gonna be a wild one without a doubt. if you wanna see itchy hearts no bullshit apeshit crazy then come out to this one.  more details here:


love yall and thanks so much for everything. more good news on the way. recordings, more shows, more recordings, and new merch, and hopefully not a new band. i like this lineup, theyre gonna stick around for a while.





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