Our Latest Adventure.

This past Friday, we left Brooklyn for Jersey looking for the small town where we were playing, called Blairstown. We showed up to the Historic Blairstown Theater at around 5:30, bought some beers, soundchecked, ate some chicken fingers, watched the first act Pat Llewellyn, played our set, and watched the headliner, Indian Princess. It was a great show; Cameron broke his glasses, and Stinky almost got eaten by a giant husky named Mellow.

After partying in Jersey until 4 in the morning, we woke up at 7 to leave for Richmond, and arrived around 2 in the afternoon. We met up with our buddies in 1881, a great rock and roll band out of Long Island. The singer, Rob Slater, played drums in Itchy Hearts in the summer tour of 2010. We also played with our good friend Patrick Genova of A.M. Astronaut, and some new friends Anatomy of Frank, from Charlottesville. Thanks to everyone who came out!! It was so amazing to see all our friends and family. Hope to see yall this winter on January 4th.

Then, on Sunday, we played a basement show with Sundials, Slugging Percentage, and Little Master. It was a really really fun show, though certain Itchy Hearts may not remember it….

Check out this hilarious video that our buddy Alan Parker made of the show on November 19th @ the Camel. 


Get ready for winter tour 2011!!! We’re going to VA, NC, TN, KY, IN, and IL. we’re siked.


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