Happy X-mas free sticker give away! And Tour news!

Merry Christmas from the Itchy Hearts!!!

To show yall how much we love you and how much we appreciated your support after all these years we’re mailing out our “Itchy Years” stickers for free to anyone who sends their home address to theitchyhearts@gmail.com . It’s the least we could do to say thanks for all the love yall have given us throughout the years. And don’t think we’re jsut gonna sike ya out with just one sticker, we’ll give ya a handful to put around town or wherever you’d like. Just put your name in the subject line, and your address in the email body. I’ve got 2,000 stickers, lets get rid of all of them! Tell you’re friends, you’re family, tell anyone to email us! Thanks again and get ready for our winter tour coming up. Email us to get some stickers so we can see them around town when we roll through!

Here’s a look at what our trip in the works for this January:

4th- Richmond, Va @ The Camel w/ A.M. Astronaut and Blue Rajas

5th- Norfolk, Va @ The Jewish Mother w/ A.M. Astronaut and Murphy’s Kids

6th- Greenville, NC

7th- Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s Downtown w/ TBA

8th- Asheville, NC

9th- Nashville, TN – w/ House Show w/ Reid Magette and TBA

10th- Lexington, KY – W/ Absalom Absalom w/ TBA

11th- Louisville, KY-

12th- Bloomington, IN- House show w/ The Natives and The Broderick

13th- Normal, IL-  @ Firehouse Pizza w/ TBA

14th- Chicago, IL – @ The Beerics w/ The Canoes and TBA $5

Hopefully we’ll see yall out at some shows!!

here’s a reminder of what the stickers look like:

Itchy Years Sticker


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