Itchy Tour Update #1: Richmond Va

Hey yall!

First off, we got some really cool news the other day from RVA Mag out of Richmond Va. They named “Tried to be Punk” #2 on their Top Ten Local Releases of 2011. Click here to read this janky.

Now for the tour news. Our tour kick off show was on Wednesday, January 4th at The Camel. It was one of the most fun lineups we’ve played with in a looooong time. A.M. Astronaut opened the show with a brand new electric lineup that kicked so much ass. Then The Blue Rajas played the entirety of their 17 and a half minute set, including a surprise closing number that we joined them on!!

Then we kicked off our set from there.

The Milkstains closed out one hell of an evening with the funnest and loudest and craziest set of the night.

We had so much fun seeing everyone, thank you all so so much for coming and hangin out. We love Richmond and hopefully will be back soon. Here’s some photos from the night, and photos of our trip to the next show at The Jewish Mother in Norfolk.

oh hi balloons

weird hand

weird hair

im really serious

itchy original g sci clements w guitar hero cameron kapoor

gettin ready to leave the next day. cool shoes cameron

drivin over the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel on the way to the show at the Jewish Mother. It turned into a transformer right after this was shot. It was so cool

All these badass photos were shot by Christine Lockerby.

More tour updates to come!!!


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