Tour Update #2: Norfolk, Va

After Richmond we played at The Jewish Mother Norva Backstage to have another show with A.M. Astronaut and a new friend Jake Mayday.

We recently started playing a new song called “Talk Tall Me”. Here’s a video of the performace at Jewish Mother.

Ben’s face at 2:05

Ben Murphy Bass

A.M. Astronaut and Itchies after the show

After the show, we drove to Va Beach to Mama Cobb’s house to get some rest. She wasn’t home, and didn’t leave a key, so we resulted to sleeping in the cold garage. Thankfully, we found two cases of beer that helped us quickly forget the cold.

Locked Out

finally accepting our fate

We woke up and decided to take Stinker to the beach to get some energy out.

Tryin to get Stinky to swim, she's not havin it

cool shoes cameron

oh hi beach

Itchy Hearts Photo of the Year

what the hell are you eating cameron

Stinky wants some cheese

Next update coming from Greenville North Carolina!


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