Tour Update #4 : Raleigh, NC on January 7th

We played at our favorite spot in Raleigh, Slim’s Downtown on Saturday, January 7th.

so siked to be back in Raleigh, NC

Slim's Downtown, one of our favorite spots on the road

We started our set around 10:15 to one of the rowdiest audiences we’ve played to in a while.

Caleb Brown on drums

singin "Keep My Head Up"

Thanks to all our Raleigh homies for always coming out and hangin. We’ll see you soon!

Drinkin Irish Car Bombs, A Slim's tradition

Cameron and Stinky's post-show cuddle

Then we went to my beautiful sister’s place to catch some sleep before an unplanned day off in Asheville, NC.

packed floor

wonderin what the hell we're gonna do on our day off tomorrow in Asheville, NC

Keep up to date with a post about our misadventures in Ashville, NC later on today!

– Andy


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