Tour Update #5: Ashville, NC and Nashville, TN. January 8th and 9th

needless to say we took about 4,000 pictures of us infront of this street sign

stinky has the most short coxe of all

what does this even mean?

Since none of us knew anyone in Asheville, we made plans to leave for Nashville. On our way out of the city, I remembered I had the number of a friend I stayed with last time I went on a solo tour. I texted her and we went and drank at her bar and then stayed at her place. Her name was Melissa and her band was named Sex Piss. THANKS MELISSA!!!

leavin asheville in the rain. bummmmmmer

first stop: pepperfire, let the spicy food and burning poops begin

lookin forward to the consumption of pepperfire but not the consequences of pepperfire

hangin out at former Itchy bassist Reid's spot in Nashville

bummed cuz we had to leave all our guns in the car at this show

christine the photographer havin fun with mirrors

not a pbr cuz im a baby!

then we went home and slept and woke up then…..

we ate more pepperfire. oh shit

this might be a really bad idea

some fetch before we hit the road for lexington

whoa nice catch stinkbuggy

Off to Lexington, Kentucky to play at Al’s Bar!!!! Can’t wait to hang with our buddies from Absalom Absalom.










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