Tour Update #6 Lexington & Louisville, KY. January 10th & 11th

on our way to Lexington

We left Nashville for Lexington in the late afternoon and arrived at Al’s Bar at around 8 o’clock. We met up with our buddies Gideon and Andrew from a band that we played with last time we were in town, Absalom Absalom.  We showed up and turned out that the other band that was supposed to play, someone called Dolfish or somethin, had cancelled. We were the only ones on the bill. We were expecting to play to no one, but then our Louisville crowd showed up for a double header with the Itchy Hearts!!

gettin ready for a show we thought would be to no one

cameron graffitiing what a badass

hula hula cone rigged cunt balls dick

post show pickin with gideon

is that poop? looks like poop, smells like poop, tastes like poop. IT IS POOP! GROSS!

aren't they cute? they were even cuter when there was a puddle of christine's vomit between them.

wtf stinky

bye gideon! bye lexington!

Here we come Lousiville, on our way to a mystery house show.

was pretty til it started pouring

party time in louisville

sing along time

get ready for goofy dance fest

loading out the next morning in the snow. it snowed for the rest of tour. a whooole lot.

hangover cure. wait, no... four loko hangover cure.

on our way to Bloomington, Indiana!


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