Just some shit…

Hey dudes,

i know its been a while since i sat down and wrote anything about this damn band, but i’ve got good news!!! we’ve got some good jankies comin up, i’ll just list them now.

Some local NYC shows comin up:

April 27th: Pianos in NYC w/ Pinegrove and Photon Dynamo

May 10th: Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn w/ Srch Party


We haven’t rehearsed since the last show of our last tour, and we’re getting pretty pumped for these nest few shows. We’re planning on recording an ep in the next couple weekends. We’re gonna do old Itchy songs played by the new lineup, prolly one or 2 new songs too.
Most importantly, we’re going to do a kickstarter to raise money to record a new album in August, more details on that soon. But before we record, we’re going to go the first coast to coast Itchy tour in two years. We leave in early July and get back early August. I am so so so excited. We’re goin back to see our buddies in El Paso, Colorado Springs, and Phoenix, and everywhere else. Being able to travel like this is such an amazing blessing, I can’t say how excited we are to hit the road again.

In June, we’re playing a festival in Brooklyn called HillStock. Its on June 22-24th, and we’re playing on the 23rd. Some great bands are playing, including the Toothaches, the Eskalators, and Sports Bar outta Richmond, Va.

Anyway, I’ll be updating this thing a lot more now. Everyone’s always like “blahblahblah having a good online presence is good”, I’ll try and update it more now.




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