Ok, so I know i’m not the best at updating this thing, but with good reason! We’ve been busy booking our summer tour. We’re getting back out to Colorado, Arizona, and West Texas, for the first time in over a year, and can’t wait to see all our friends out there. We’re also going to be playing some acoustic shows here and there, just for old times sake. Here it is!!

July 7th- Brooklyn, House show. Email us for details:

July 8th- Philly, @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Los Ombres, Weird Hot

July 9th- Richmond, Va- House show. Email for details!

July 10th- Morgantown, West Virginia. House show BBQ. email us!

July 11th- Columbus, Ohio @ Kobo’s with Songbirds, New Tooth, & Weight of Whales

July 12th- Bloomington, Indiana @ Rachel’s w/ Greater Good and Dead Beach

July 13th- Normal, Illinois @ Firehouse Pizza with These Old Ghosts

July 14th- Lexington, Kentucky @ Al’s Bar with Absalom Absalom

July 15th- Louisville, Kentucky @ TBA

July 16th- Nasvhille, Tennessee @ Zombieshop with Reid Magette and “L”

July 17th- Memphis, Tennessee @ Mosaic House with The Vignettes and Empty Orchestra

July 18th- Drive to Denver!!!

July 19th- Denver, Colorado @ Mouth House w/ TBA

July 20th- Colorado Springs @ Zodiac Bar with Those Space Animals

July 21st- Denver @ Bar Bar

July 22nd- Albuquerque, New Mexico @ Moldspores House with Danny Crouch and Arroyo Death Match

July 23rd- Phoenix, Arizona @ Trunk Space with DINERS

July 24th- Las Cruces, New Mexico @ The Trainyard with Kepi Ghoulie, Dog Party, and PETS!

July 25th- El Paso, Texas @ TBA with Clarity, TBA

July 26th- Austin, Texas @ Parish Underground with Megafauna

July 27th- New Orleans @ Allways Lounge with Breton Sound, Curie is Rad, Pigeontown

July 31st- Atlanta, Ga, TBA

August 1st- Athens, Georgia @ Caledonia Lounge with Nice Machine

August 2nd- Durham, North Carolina @ Broad Street Cafe. Early Acoustic set 8:30, later electric set @ 10pm

August 3rd- Raleigh, North Carolina, @ Slim’s Downtown with Charming Youngsters

August 4th- Richmond, Virginia @ The Camel w/ The Milkstains, Wolf//Goat, Night Idea

August 5th- TBA


Love yall,


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