Tour Kickoff, Brooklyn, Philly, Richmond

I got a feeling I’m going to be doing a lot of photo blogging with Christine’s photos rather than writing. She always takes amazing photos, so you’ll be seeing a lot of those from this trip.

We started our tour off at our friend Neha’s loft in Brooklyn with Bears in a Temple for Midgets and 1881. 1881 are our friends from Bayport, Long Island, and they played with us in Brooklyn, Philly, and Richmond. They play 60’s and 70’s inspired rock and roll and but way loud. Rob writes some of the best fucking songs I’ve heard in a while. They don’t have any recordings up yet, but once they do, I’ll be posting about them.Image

Then we went on to Philly and played at Kung Fu Necktie.


Rob and JP of 1881

Kung Fu Necktie is the shit and so is everyone who works there. We’ll be back soon.  After the show we went to our buddy John’s place in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. John is one of the best dudes we’ve met on the road and in an amazing folk band called A Fair Few.


He had a hot tub!

Some homie named Max hopped in naked and took the party to a new level. Then the cops came. Then we walked to a lake a couple miles away and swam. Then we went to bed. Then we woke up and jumped on the trampoline and then drove to Richmond!!

Trampolines are fucking awesome

Hangin out with our buddies Sci and Glenn outside the Yerb in Richmond

1881, Itchy Hearts, and former Itchy bassist Reid Magette

Ben and his new friend VT

Wolf//Goat kicked so much ass

Joe Aaron Andy Margie. so good to be back in richmond

friends all over the place

Pantsless Pendleton

Tomorrow we leave for Morgantown, West Virginia to see our friends The Merrimacs.


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