Photos from Recording.

So, we’ve actually recorded a good chunk of the new album already. We went down to Virginia Beach mid-august to record drums, guitars, bass and vocals. Our homie Ben Goldstein brought along his mobile recording rig and we set up a little studio throughout my pop’s beach house. We were there for a week and it was a blast.
For those of you curious about why we’re raising money to record an album when some of its already been recorded, there’s still so much to be done! Not only are we raising the money to pay for the engineer, we still have to mix and master it, actually produce physical copies, which will cost a lot!, and so much more. Here are some photos from recording, but make sure to come back to see some videos soon too.

Yes, Caleb makes that face EVEN when we’re recording.

harmonies for a new song tentatively titled “World”

Benny Goldstein, our recording engineer, drinkin the Freddy Cobb classic, Bud Light.

Stinker knows these songs better than anyone by now

thinkin real hard like

More pictures will come soon! We’re already a quarter of the way to our goal, we’ve raised $1,515 out of the $6,000, so we’re ahead of schedule, even if only slightly. Thanks so so so much to everyone who’s donated, its really incredible to see how much support we’ve got out there. If you’d like to share our Kickstarter through Facebook, Twitter, or email, make sure to use this link: ““. We really need all the help we can get on this, and we’re doing so amazing already, so lets keep the momentum up!!


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