Ok, so I know i’m not the best at updating this thing, but with good reason! We’ve been busy booking our summer tour. We’re getting back out to Colorado, Arizona, and West Texas, for the first time in over a year, and can’t wait to see all our friends out there. We’re also going to be playing some acoustic shows here and there, just for old times sake. Here it is!!

July 7th- Brooklyn, House show. Email us for details:

July 8th- Philly, @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Los Ombres, Weird Hot

July 9th- Richmond, Va- House show. Email for details!

July 10th- Morgantown, West Virginia. House show BBQ. email us!

July 11th- Columbus, Ohio @ Kobo’s with Songbirds, New Tooth, & Weight of Whales

July 12th- Bloomington, Indiana @ Rachel’s w/ Greater Good and Dead Beach

July 13th- Normal, Illinois @ Firehouse Pizza with These Old Ghosts

July 14th- Lexington, Kentucky @ Al’s Bar with Absalom Absalom

July 15th- Louisville, Kentucky @ TBA

July 16th- Nasvhille, Tennessee @ Zombieshop with Reid Magette and “L”

July 17th- Memphis, Tennessee @ Mosaic House with The Vignettes and Empty Orchestra

July 18th- Drive to Denver!!!

July 19th- Denver, Colorado @ Mouth House w/ TBA

July 20th- Colorado Springs @ Zodiac Bar with Those Space Animals

July 21st- Denver @ Bar Bar

July 22nd- Albuquerque, New Mexico @ Moldspores House with Danny Crouch and Arroyo Death Match

July 23rd- Phoenix, Arizona @ Trunk Space with DINERS

July 24th- Las Cruces, New Mexico @ The Trainyard with Kepi Ghoulie, Dog Party, and PETS!

July 25th- El Paso, Texas @ TBA with Clarity, TBA

July 26th- Austin, Texas @ Parish Underground with Megafauna

July 27th- New Orleans @ Allways Lounge with Breton Sound, Curie is Rad, Pigeontown

July 31st- Atlanta, Ga, TBA

August 1st- Athens, Georgia @ Caledonia Lounge with Nice Machine

August 2nd- Durham, North Carolina @ Broad Street Cafe. Early Acoustic set 8:30, later electric set @ 10pm

August 3rd- Raleigh, North Carolina, @ Slim’s Downtown with Charming Youngsters

August 4th- Richmond, Virginia @ The Camel w/ The Milkstains, Wolf//Goat, Night Idea

August 5th- TBA


Love yall,


Latency Mag Review and other news

Hey dudes,
I just got a minute to write a quick post about a couple reviews that just came out about the Itchies. Latency Magazine recently interviewed us for their May issue. Click here to check it out. A New York based blog called Sweet Nothings did a recent write up on “Tried to be Punk”. Check that out here. Thanks so much to Latency and Sweet Nothings for havin us!

Also, TOUR NEWS!!! We just confirmed shows in Colorado Springs, Lexington, Nashville, and Memphis. Get siked!! Spread the word!!

Upcoming Shows:

June 7th- Sundays Release Party @ Brooklyn Fireproof

June 8th- Nowhere, NY @ Free Candy 

June 23rd- Hillstock Festival!!!! 

Click on the event names to go to the Facebook events!


May 10th and Tour Help!!!

We’ve got a show coming up in Brooklyn on May 10th at one of our favorite spots Hank’s Saloon. It’ll prolly be around $5 or something. Come around 9 oclock and catch the other bands, Srch Party and Here For Now. Facebook link here: .


Who wants to help Itchy Hearts with their summer tour? We need help finding an AWESOME place to play, or  AWESOME bands to play with. Let us know if you can help on either end with any of these places!

July 8th- Philly

July 9th- D.C. or Baltimore

July 11th- Cincinatti, OH

July 15th – Louisville, KY

July 19th- Denver, CO

July 22- Santa Fe/Albuquerque, NM

July 26th- Austin, TX

July 29th- Mississippi

July 30th- Birmingham, AL

We’re going to a lot of other towns, so check back soon for a list of the complete tour schedule.


Just some shit…

Hey dudes,

i know its been a while since i sat down and wrote anything about this damn band, but i’ve got good news!!! we’ve got some good jankies comin up, i’ll just list them now.

Some local NYC shows comin up:

April 27th: Pianos in NYC w/ Pinegrove and Photon Dynamo

May 10th: Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn w/ Srch Party


We haven’t rehearsed since the last show of our last tour, and we’re getting pretty pumped for these nest few shows. We’re planning on recording an ep in the next couple weekends. We’re gonna do old Itchy songs played by the new lineup, prolly one or 2 new songs too.
Most importantly, we’re going to do a kickstarter to raise money to record a new album in August, more details on that soon. But before we record, we’re going to go the first coast to coast Itchy tour in two years. We leave in early July and get back early August. I am so so so excited. We’re goin back to see our buddies in El Paso, Colorado Springs, and Phoenix, and everywhere else. Being able to travel like this is such an amazing blessing, I can’t say how excited we are to hit the road again.

In June, we’re playing a festival in Brooklyn called HillStock. Its on June 22-24th, and we’re playing on the 23rd. Some great bands are playing, including the Toothaches, the Eskalators, and Sports Bar outta Richmond, Va.

Anyway, I’ll be updating this thing a lot more now. Everyone’s always like “blahblahblah having a good online presence is good”, I’ll try and update it more now.



Gettin Ready for Tour

Hey yall, so we finally have a finalized tour schedule! We’re so siked to get back on the road and see all our homies. Here it is:

8th- Brooklyn, Ny- FREE SHOW! @ Hank’s Saloon w/ Population Control + Bears in a Temple for Midgets

9th- House Show in Richmond, Va

10th- Richmond, Va- FREE SHOW! @ Cellar Door w/ Blue Rajas, PAWPAW, and Toothaches

11th- Drive to Austin

12th- SXSW

13th-SXSW @ Headhunter’s @3pm

14th- New Orleans, La- FREE SHOW! @ Neutral Ground’s Coffeehouse w/ The Milkstains

15th- Montevallo, Al- FREE SHOW! @ Eclipse Coffee and Books w/ Dead Balloons and Furcoats

16th- Atlanta, Ga- tba

17th- Athens, Ga- FREE SHOW!! @ Farm 225 w/ Grinnin Bear and Cannery Row

18th- Atlanta @ Some spot I forgot what its called

19th- Nashville, Tn

20th- Louisville, Ky- Al’s Bar w/ Absalom Absalom

21st- Harrisburg, Va- Taylor Down Under w/ Bison

22nd- Charlottesville, Va @ The Pigeon Hole w/ KILOS and PAWPAW

23rd- Greenville, Nc @ SPAZZFEST @ Tipsy Teapot w/ Charming Youngsters

Tour Update #6 Lexington & Louisville, KY. January 10th & 11th

on our way to Lexington

We left Nashville for Lexington in the late afternoon and arrived at Al’s Bar at around 8 o’clock. We met up with our buddies Gideon and Andrew from a band that we played with last time we were in town, Absalom Absalom.  We showed up and turned out that the other band that was supposed to play, someone called Dolfish or somethin, had cancelled. We were the only ones on the bill. We were expecting to play to no one, but then our Louisville crowd showed up for a double header with the Itchy Hearts!!

gettin ready for a show we thought would be to no one

cameron graffitiing what a badass

hula hula cone rigged cunt balls dick

post show pickin with gideon

is that poop? looks like poop, smells like poop, tastes like poop. IT IS POOP! GROSS!

aren't they cute? they were even cuter when there was a puddle of christine's vomit between them.

wtf stinky

bye gideon! bye lexington!

Here we come Lousiville, on our way to a mystery house show.

was pretty til it started pouring

party time in louisville

sing along time

get ready for goofy dance fest

loading out the next morning in the snow. it snowed for the rest of tour. a whooole lot.

hangover cure. wait, no... four loko hangover cure.

on our way to Bloomington, Indiana!

Tour Update #5: Ashville, NC and Nashville, TN. January 8th and 9th

needless to say we took about 4,000 pictures of us infront of this street sign

stinky has the most short coxe of all

what does this even mean?

Since none of us knew anyone in Asheville, we made plans to leave for Nashville. On our way out of the city, I remembered I had the number of a friend I stayed with last time I went on a solo tour. I texted her and we went and drank at her bar and then stayed at her place. Her name was Melissa and her band was named Sex Piss. THANKS MELISSA!!!

leavin asheville in the rain. bummmmmmer

first stop: pepperfire, let the spicy food and burning poops begin

lookin forward to the consumption of pepperfire but not the consequences of pepperfire

hangin out at former Itchy bassist Reid's spot in Nashville

bummed cuz we had to leave all our guns in the car at this show

christine the photographer havin fun with mirrors

not a pbr cuz im a baby!

then we went home and slept and woke up then…..

we ate more pepperfire. oh shit

this might be a really bad idea

some fetch before we hit the road for lexington

whoa nice catch stinkbuggy

Off to Lexington, Kentucky to play at Al’s Bar!!!! Can’t wait to hang with our buddies from Absalom Absalom.









Tour Update #4 : Raleigh, NC on January 7th

We played at our favorite spot in Raleigh, Slim’s Downtown on Saturday, January 7th.

so siked to be back in Raleigh, NC

Slim's Downtown, one of our favorite spots on the road

We started our set around 10:15 to one of the rowdiest audiences we’ve played to in a while.

Caleb Brown on drums

singin "Keep My Head Up"

Thanks to all our Raleigh homies for always coming out and hangin. We’ll see you soon!

Drinkin Irish Car Bombs, A Slim's tradition

Cameron and Stinky's post-show cuddle

Then we went to my beautiful sister’s place to catch some sleep before an unplanned day off in Asheville, NC.

packed floor

wonderin what the hell we're gonna do on our day off tomorrow in Asheville, NC

Keep up to date with a post about our misadventures in Ashville, NC later on today!

– Andy

Tour Update #3 Greenville, NC on January 6th

After Norfolk, we headed to one of our favorite places in the world, Greenville, North Carolina to play a show with our old friend Rebekah Todd. Our buddies Nolan Smock and Eric Kopp of Charming Youngsters backed her up. It was a great show to say the least, but an even better hang after!

changin shoes thank god

gassin up


drinkin time

Nolan Smock bein a badass

itchy hearts and charming youngsters together at last

the morning after

pretty girl

Eatin at Cubbie's in Greenville. Best burger in the world

the least candid-looking candid photo ever

at the dog park

playin fetch with the pooch. she slept like a baby the rest of the day it was so awesome

on our way to Raleigh to play at Slim's Downtown!

Tour Update #2: Norfolk, Va

After Richmond we played at The Jewish Mother Norva Backstage to have another show with A.M. Astronaut and a new friend Jake Mayday.

We recently started playing a new song called “Talk Tall Me”. Here’s a video of the performace at Jewish Mother.

Ben’s face at 2:05

Ben Murphy Bass

A.M. Astronaut and Itchies after the show

After the show, we drove to Va Beach to Mama Cobb’s house to get some rest. She wasn’t home, and didn’t leave a key, so we resulted to sleeping in the cold garage. Thankfully, we found two cases of beer that helped us quickly forget the cold.

Locked Out

finally accepting our fate

We woke up and decided to take Stinker to the beach to get some energy out.

Tryin to get Stinky to swim, she's not havin it

cool shoes cameron

oh hi beach

Itchy Hearts Photo of the Year

what the hell are you eating cameron

Stinky wants some cheese

Next update coming from Greenville North Carolina!