June 2012:

23rd- Hillstock Music Festival

28th- @ The Local 269 w/ The Toothaches, Little Bomb, and Norman Rockwell

July 2012:

July 7th- Brooklyn, House show. Email us for details:

July 8th- Philly, @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Los Ombres, Weird Hot

July 9th- Richmond, Va- House show. Email for details!

July 10th- Morgantown, West Virginia. House show BBQ. email us!

July 11th- Columbus, Ohio @ Kobo’s with Songbirds, New Tooth, & Weight of Whales

July 12th- Bloomington, Indiana @ Rachel’s w/ Greater Good and Dead Beach

July 13th- Normal, Illinois @ Firehouse Pizza with These Old Ghosts

July 14th- Lexington, Kentucky @ Al’s Bar with Absalom Absalom

July 15th- Louisville, Kentucky @ Gerstle’s Place with Field of Kings

July 16th- Nasvhille, Tennessee @ Zombieshop with Reid Magette and “L”

July 17th- Memphis, Tennessee @ Mosaic House with The Vignettes and Empty Orchestra

July 18th- Drive to Denver!!!

July 19th- Denver, Colorado @ Mouth House w/ TBA

July 20th- Colorado Springs @ Zodiac Bar with Those Space Animals

July 21st- Denver @ Bar Bar

July 22nd- Albuquerque, New Mexico @ Moldspores House with Danny Crouch and Arroyo Death Match

July 23rd- Phoenix, Arizona @ Trunk Space with DINERS

July 24th- Las Cruces, New Mexico @ The Trainyard with Kepi Ghoulie, Dog Party, and PETS!

July 25th- El Paso, Texas @ TBA with Clarity, TBA

July 26th- Austin, Texas @ Parish Underground with Megafauna

July 27th- New Orleans @ Allways Lounge with Breton Sound, Curie is Rad, Pigeontown

July 28th- Jackson, MS @ Sam’s Lounge

July 31st- Atlanta, Ga, TBA

August 1st- Athens, Georgia @ Caledonia Lounge with Nice Machine

August 2nd- Durham, North Carolina @ Broad Street Cafe. Early Acoustic set 8:30, later electric set @ 10pm

August 3rd- Raleigh, North Carolina, @ Slim’s Downtown with Charming Youngsters

August 4th- Richmond, Virginia @ The Camel w/ The Milkstains, Wolf//Goat, Night Idea

August 5th- TBA



17th- Montevallo, Alabama @ Eclipse Coffee and Books 8pm FREE

19th- Athens, Georgia @ Jake’s Birthday Party : House Show

22nd- Raleigh, North Carolina @ Slim’s Downtown

23rd- Chapel Hill, North Carolina @ Jack Sprat’s with Sinful Savages 9pm

24th- Durham, North Carolina @ The Pinhook w/ Jeremy Blair from Effingham & Jordan and the Sphinx 9pm

25th- Greenville, North Carolina @ Tipsy Teapot w/ Rebekah Todd and Grant Golden 9pm $5

26th- Charlottesville, Va @ House Show

27th- Blacksburg , Va @ The She Sha Lounge


1st- Roanoke, Va @ The Bazaar w/ Delta Function and River City Ramblers 8pm $5

3rd- Richmond, Va @ The Library w/ A.M. Astronaut, Horn & Tusk, Matt Seymour 7:30pm $5

4th- Baltimore, Maryland @ Bohemian Coffee @ 8pm Free

End of Tour

11th- Brooklyn, New York @ Our Apartment w/ A Fair Few ( ON TOUR FROM PA!!), Travis McKevney, John Ptacek, and Itchy Hearts (Full Band)

12th- Brooklyn, New York @ Our Apartment w/ Sophie Mae and Werebears $5 for the keg

19th- Richmond, Virginia@ Sprout with Blue Rajas, Tyrannosaurus Awesome, and Jonathan Parker @ 9pm FREE


15th: Purchase, NY @ Culture Shock @ SUNY Purchase 5:45  Free


7th- @ the Launchpad- A Hoover Dam Collective Show (FREE) @ 8pm

28th- @ Hoover Damage at Studio 171 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Just Andy and John 5$, starts at 5:30

29th- @ K&M Bar in Williamsburg, BK FREE, Starts at 9:00


25th- in Brooklyn @ Pine Box Rock Shop 7:30 pm w/ Bridget and the Squares, Hawt Mess, and Caged Animals


1st: Richmond Virginia, @ Sprout, 1 N Morris Street (FREE) w/ Charming Youngsters and Andy and the Kid and A.M. Astronaut

2nd- Tipsy Teapot in Greenville, North Carolina w/ our best friends Charming Youngsters, Philly bands Creepoid and Nothing, and Early Morning Warning

3rd- Norfolk @ The Jewish Mother w/ A.M. Astronaut, and PHSO

4th- Raleigh NC at Slim’s Downtown w/ Scarlett Virginia

5th- Nada

6th- Athens GA- @ Flicker w/ Mitchel Thunderbolt, and Mr. Falcon

7th- Chattanooga, TN @ JJ’s Bohemia

8th- Nashville TN @ Springwater with Reid Magette

9th- Louisville KY @ The Rudyard Kipling with Cody Beebe and The Crooks

10th- Lexington KY @ Cosmic Charlies- w/ Onward Pilgrim and Absalom Absalom

11th- Pittsburgh, PA @ Hambones (Cancelled)

12th- Morgantown, WV @ Gibbie’s w/ Merrimacs

13th- Nada

14th- Medford Lakes @ a Pool Party w/ Shipwrecks and Big Wave Surfer

15th- Atlantic City, NJ @ The Boneyard w/ Bill Ridenhour, Juggernaut Drunk, and Gates of Eden

18th- Brooklyn, NY @ Cowgirl Seahorse


13th: day show: Atlantic City @ Bill Ridenour’s birthday bash @ the Boneyard at 5 o’clock

13th: Late show: Brooklyn @ Jalopy Theater at 9 o’clock

19th: Hoover Dam Collective show at Station 171

20th- College Park, Baltimore House Show


10th- @ The Delancey 8pm 7 bucks. with Midnight Brigade and Haley Bowery Band. Manhattan, NY


15th- @ Neha’s Loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn FREEEE

29th-  @ Spike Hill 8pm 8 bucks. w/ Toothaches, The Eskalators, Life Sized Maps, + Special Guests


18th- Blairstown, New Jersey, @ The Historic Blairstown Theater w/ Indian Princess, and Pat Lewellen $8

19th- Richmond, Virginia @ The Camel w/ A.M. Astronaut, 1881, The Anatomy of Frank, and Grease Trigger 9pm $5

20th- Richmond, Virginia @ Church of Abraham w/ Sundials, Slugging Percentage, Little Masters


3rd- Annville, Pa @ The Sinkhole w/ A Fair Few!!!

17th- Fresh Arrest @ 1717 Broadway, Bushwick, Brooklyn

January 2012:

4th- Richmond, Va @ The Camel w/ A.M. Astronaut

5th- Norfolk, Va @ The Jewish Mother w/ A.M. Astronaut

6th- Greenville, NC @ ARt Avenue w/ Rebekah Todd

7th- Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s Downtown w/ The Estocada

8th- Asheville, NC Day Off

9th- Nashville, TN – @ Springwater

10th- Lexington, KY @ Al’s Bar

11th- Louisville, KY House Show

12th- Bloomington, IN @ The Hideaway (House Show)

13th- Normal, IL @ Firehouse Pizza w/ The Devout Sinners

14th- Chicago, IL   @ The Beerics w/ Hospital Garden and The Canoes

March 2012

8th- Brooklyn, Ny- FREE SHOW! @ Hank’s Saloon w/ Population Control + Bears in a Temple for Midgets

9th- House Show in Richmond, Va

10th- Richmond, Va- FREE SHOW! @ Cellar Door w/ Blue Rajas, PAWPAW, and Toothaches

11th- Drive to Austin

12th- SXSW

13th-SXSW @ Headhunter’s @3pm

14th- New Orleans, La- FREE SHOW! @ Neutral Ground’s Coffeehouse w/ The Milkstains

15th- Montevallo, Al- FREE SHOW! @ Eclipse Coffee and Books w/ Dead Balloons and Furcoats

16th- Atlanta, Ga- tba

17th- Athens, Ga- FREE SHOW!! @ Farm 225 w/ Grinnin Bear and Cannery Row

18th- Atlanta

19th- Nashville, Tn-

20th- Louisville, Ky- Al’s Bar w/ Absalom Absalom

21st- Harrisburg, Va- Taylor Down Under w/ Bison

22nd- Charlottesville, Va @ The Pigeon Hole w/ KILOS and PAWPAW

23rd- Greenville, Nc @ SPAZZFEST @ Tipsy Teapot w/ Charming Youngsters

May 2012:

10th- Hanks Saloon with SRCH Party

June 2012:

7th- Sundays Zine Release @ Brooklyn Fireproof …..FREE

8th- Nowhere, New York, @ Free Candy. A Dingus Event ……..FREE


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