We left Richmond for Morgantown, West Virginia. We’ve played Morgantown several times and its one of our favorite places to play for a couple reasons. At some point Cameron found a statistic that said Morgantown drinks between 1%-2% of the nation’s alcohol per ¬†year. That’s one. The other is because the people there are so incredibly nice. We always know that when we go to Morgantown, we are going to be surrounded by amazing people who are always looking to have a good time.

christine can’t wait to get to morgantown

Merrimac Manor

The one and only Clifford Moul of the Merrimacs

just another cool pic from Christine

Wisdom of Owls gettin down

party time

things got weird and we started playing with Cliff and Nate’s old G.I. Joes

winner for the most dramatic photograph of a G.I. Joe Doll award goes to Christine

We left the next morning for Columbus, Ohio. We’ve never played as a full band in Columbus, so in a way, this felt like the beginning of the tour to us.

Songbirds Kickin Ass

Weight of Whales

neat hair bro

New Tooth is so fucking sick

Our original plans were to leave Columbus for Bloomington, Indiana, but our show got cancelled there last minute, and we had to come up with a plan. We drove west for a ways until we passed a sign for Cowan Lake State Park. Our original plan was to make the video for our kickstarter campaign, which we’ve been putting off for months. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. We arrived to Cowan Lake and swam and drank and made a fire and swam and drank. And we did some other stuff. It was awesome.

you better believe it

cruisin in the hellement

swimmin time

we made a fire

ben bein a bear i think

chillaxin with a ghost

caleb playin some dashboard confessional

gettin weeeird

Tomorrow we leave for Normal, Illinois, to play Firehouse Pizza and Pub!!

We left Richmon…